Hosted by The University of Texas at Austin’s Good Systems’ “Designing Responsible AI Technologies to Curb Disinformation” research team, this virtual event brings together researchers and thought leaders working across disciplines and sectors to discuss approaches to curbing the spread of digital disinformation. Data scientist and engineer Dr. David Corney will deliver a keynote, which will be followed by two panels exploring topics including bias and fairness and working to address the gap between fact checkers’ needs and existing technology. Viewers are encouraged to participate in interactive Q&As following each session.

This event is free and open to the public.


Miss the event? 

Check out video recordings below to watch the day’s segments or click HERE to read a wrap-up story about the day as a whole.

Welcome and Keynote Address              

Panel: Bias/Fairness in Dis-/Misinformation Studies

Panel: New Frontiers in Tools for Fact Checkers

Action Plan and Closing Remarks                                       



October 26, 2022

All times shown in U.S. CST

11:00 AM – 11:10 AM


Introductory Remarks

Dr. Dhiraj Murthy – Welcome to Disinformation Day

Dr. Matthew Lease – Introduction to Good Systems

11:10AM – 11:45AM


Keynote Address and Q&A

Dr. David Corney

Q&A Moderated by Dr. Matthew Lease

12:00PM – 12:50PM

New Frontiers in Tools for Fact Checkers

Dr. Scott Hale, Dr. David Corney, Shalini Joshi

Moderator: Dr. Greg Durrett

12:55PM – 1:50PM

Bias/Fairness in Dis-/Misinformation Studies

Dr. Rachel Moran, Dr. Sukrit Venkatagiri, Angie Holan

Moderator: Dr. Maria De-Arteaga

1:50 PM – 2:00PM

Closing Remarks

Dr. Jo Lukito – Action Plan

Dr. Dhiraj Murthy – Wrap Up