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Disinformation Day

Disinformation Day seeks to answer key questions around fact checking, bias, and fairness in order to help further disinformation-related research and remove roadblocks that we may not yet know about.

Good Systems

Good Systems researchers are focused on innovation in human-AI partnerships to address the needs and values of society. Our teams are interdisciplinary and designed to foster inclusion and support discovery. We act as a pool of knowledge and resources to enable frameworks, best practices, and methods that address ethical issues in the design and implementation of AI technologies. 

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UT Misinformation & AI

The rise of social media and the growing scale of online information have led to a surge of intentional disinformation and incidental misinformation. It is increasingly difficult to tell fact from fiction, and the challenge is more complex than simply differentiating “fake news” from simple facts. This project uses qualitative methods and machine learning models to understand how digital disinformation arises and spreads, how it affects different groups in society, and how to design effective human-centered interventions.

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